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At 1900 North,

...after almost four decades of cleaning experience, we still love cleaning carpets and cleaning to the best of our abilities, every day on every job.

It appears to be in our DNA.

We’ll never be the company that rushes in, rushes through cleaning and rushes off.

We pay attention to everything we clean, and even those things we don’t clean, like walls, wood floors, pictures and decor.

When a cleaning technician arrives at your door, you’ll find someone who will listen to your needs and strive to meet them.


Carpet Cleaning

Truck-mounted hot water extraction. Tools and hoses come into your home while the equipment and dirty water remain outside in the truck.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

The same concept as carpet cleaning but using specialized tools specifically developed for deep cleaning tile and grout.


Mild pre-conditioners, gentle agitation to loosen soil, and hot water extraction will leave your upholstery fresh and clean!

Area Rugs

Depending on the on the construction, fiber and size of a rug, some rugs can be cleaned on site while others can be picked up, cleaned and returned within seven to ten days.

Spots and Spills

We carry a full compliment of speciality spotting supplies to remove 99% of spots and spills, such as oils, food spills, general soiling, pet stains, dyes from drinks, inks an more.

Fabric Protection

Fabric protection for carpet, rugs and upholstery - New carpet and upholstery, and freshly cleaned fabrics as well, can be protected to slow down soiling, increase efficiency when vacuuming, and give you a chance to clean up a spot or spill before it penetrates deeply into the fiber.


We want you to be happy. Really. And if you’re not happy, we want to fix that! We’ll re-clean areas in question and/or gladly refund your money for those areas.

Julie Larson, ★★★★★

“I love 1900 North! Richard has many years of experience and does the most awesome, detailed work. I highly recommend him!”

David Street, ★★★★★

“I had Richard clean two 7' X 11' area rugs which were 15+ years old, and had several heavily soiled traffic areas.

Richard was always upbeat, pleasant, and completely professional. After he cleaned them, the rugs looked wonderful, and Richard contacted me as soon as they had been finished. I will have Richard do all of my future carpet cleaning.”


Do you just clean homes?

A: Our main focus is on residential cleaning. As the previous owner of Swan’s Carpet Cleaning, The Oriental Rug Washing Company and Benchmark Carpet Cleaning, we’ve cleaned many thousands of residences over the years in Utah and Salt Lake County.

Can you clean commercial accounts?

A: Absolutely. Below are many of the companies we’ve cleaned for:

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